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Re: Ancient Aliens

BillJ wrote: View Post
Does anyone actually buy into the theories posited on this show?

I find what they postulate interesting, yet they haven't come up with anything that just screams alien intervention. Nothing seems to be built with materials unavailable to humans of the time. None of the building seem to have any type of unexplained technology.

They don't even have a trinket that cannot be explained.

It's entertaining, but just reeks of people desperate to make a connection that just isn't there.
Not one jot. It would be more accurate and informative if they had a spinning wheel which had a number of crackpot theories, by which they would spin it and proceed with some kind of bullshit explanation based on whatever theory was randomly chosen by that wheel. We could have such choices as "Space Monkey", "Magic Intelligent Meteor", or "Elvis Costello".

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