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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

Fruit salad

Watermelon--oh, so sweet! You know how sometimes you have a watermelon, take that first bite...and it’s not sweet? What a letdown! Not this one. Sweet, watery, perfect!

Pineapple--sweet and tangy

Strawberries--CA strawberries are the best! I froze some for later

Peaches--locally grown, sweet and juicy

Grapes--green thompson seedless, with a firm-ish shell giving a nice “crunch” when bitten into

blueberries--right in season. I froze the rest to put in my morning cereal. I didn’t realize how much a few blueberries liven up cereal.

Bananas--because they’re just needed in a fruit salad, right?

Oh, and a bit of balsamic vinegar for bite. Just a few drops here and there, not a dressing or anything.
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