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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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EDIT: Found the blurb about the reunion movies being ignored:

Cidre's first order of business: reviewing the old seasons all the way through to the series finale, when J.R. was reduced to a shell of his former self a sad state he's maintained when the story picks up. (Wisely, the events of two '90s reunion TV-*movies, which Duffy and Hagman both dub "terrible," are ignored.)

There you have it. And it's kind of sad, because I actually like J.R. Returns a lot; it's clever and fun. But I understand now how it completely changes the landscape of the characters and their relationships with one another and would make the new series much more difficult to do otherwise. I like enough of what I've seen so far to give Cynthia Cidre and her team the benefit of the doubt and keep watching.
That's too bad. I'm not a fan of having installments of any series ignored. And I don't see why they need to be ignored anyway. They aren't any better or worse than what we got in the series and I don't see how they stand in the way of any current development.
Well, again - a lot of what the reunion movies did was to tie up loose ends and give the series a more pleasant ending to J.R. and his scheming. In order to tell the story they're telling on the new show, they'd have to go to the trouble of undoing that. Personally, I like the approach they're taking with the new show, writing-wise and am ok with them ignoring J.R. Returns and The War of the Ewings. I've got the DVDs, so I can watch them any time I want.

Also: Anyone who's interested in the show should check out the prequel film Dallas: The Early Years, which focuses on Jock, Digger Barnes, and Miss Ellie. I finally got around to watching it about six months ago and was incredibly satisfied with how good a standalone tale it is, while also remaining true to all the little snippets of continuity the series proper gave us about the Barnes-Ewing feud. It's also just a plain old fun movie and the twist at the end is awesome.

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maybe you can answer me this, didn't the cattle barons ball used to be a fancy evening gown and tux kind of thing? I was shocked how casually everyone was dressed.
No. The mainstay of the original series was that they always went to the Oil Baron's Ball, presumably for the power players in the Big Oil Industry.

Being that neither J.R. or Bobby are part of the oil industry anymore, (yet, anyway, that we know) and Bobby is primarily running Southfork Ranch, it makes sense that they'd be at the Cattle Baron's Ball instead. They never went to a Cattle Baron's Ball on the old show, so we have no frame of reference about what the appropriate attire would be for such an event.
But they DID go to something called the Cattleman's Club on the old show, but If I remember right, that was just a resturant/bar/nightclub type of thing.

I take it this "Cattle Barons Ball" is something different?
Yeah, the Cattleman's Club was a restaurant, like the Oil Baron's Club restaurant where many scenes were set. The Cattle Baron's Ball, if it's anything like the Oil Baron's Ball on the old show, will be a yearly event for the characters.

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All we know is that J.R. has been catatonically depressed. We don't know for how long, but the implication is that it's been for a while. Granted, it can't have been for the entire intervening 20 years since "Conundrum" aired, because J.R. recognizes Ann at the Cattle Baron's Ball, so he had to have been ok for some time to get to know her before Bobby married her.
I read an article just yesterday suggesting that he was catatonic for about a decade, but now I can't find it.
I'd love to read that article. I also read somewhere that Ann was a friend of Sue Ellen's, which eventually led to Ann's meeting Bobby. That all obviously would have had to have taken place in the 20 years between the end of the original series and now. Too, it would have either had to have happened before Sue Ellen left Dallas at the end of the 11th season of the show, or if and when she eventually came back to Dallas.

Do we even know if Sue Ellen is single in the new series? John Ross tells us in the original series later seasons that Sue Ellen eventually married Don Lockwood (Ian McShane) - the Hollywood director she initially left Dallas with. One would think if Don was in Dallas with her, he would have been her date for the Cattle Baron's Ball. Being that he's no where to be found in the new series, it begs the question - are they divorced? Still married? Did he die? Is he off shooting a film?
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