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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

82. The Sting (A-)

The Sting -- I was lucky enough to see a restored print of this film last night, and minus one or two details, it really holds up. The best part is probably Paul Newman's totally irreverent performance, but Robert Redford, Robert Shaw, and the piles of character actors in supporting roles are also good. The only thing that really doesn't quite work plot-wise is a twist involving Redford's love interest, but it's such a minor note that it doesn't bring the movie down very far. The other odd thing is the very 1970s use of zooms, which undercuts the nostalgic, Saturday Evening Post cover look of mots of the movie, but it only happens a few times, so it's not a huge deal.

This print is going around the country as part of a 100 years retrospective of Universal Pictures. It looks terrific, so if the series makes a stop near you, it's worth seeing.

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