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Re: Errand of Vengeance / Fury series

My memory about the first trilogy is a bit dodgy, having read it several years ago. But the one thing I do recall was that there were typos on almost every page of all three books. And really glaring typos as well. I remember thinking that I couldn't believe Pocket Books would have published these books with the amount of mistakes in them. Mind you, this is not the author's fault, but PB's editor.

Another thing I found really annoying is the use of the names of real Star Trek production personnel as characters. Okuda, Sternbach, Drexler et. al are name-dropped to the point of ridiculousness. I really wish Trek authors wouldn't do that, because in fiction one wants to imagine what those characters look like in our minds. Giving a character the name "Roddenberry" just to be cute automatically makes one think of the real article, and ruins the fictitiousness of the setting, IMHO.
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