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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

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Hello you little worm... (or is a Sysyphyx a BIG worm -I'm not terribly familiar with that particular creature you see) ...and welcome to the madhouse
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l'm also into Lovecraft, zombies, lron Maiden, Conan the Barbarian, Star Wars, A Song of Ice and Fire, David Lynch, vampires, Bela Lugosi, LOST, X-Box 360, war movies, toilet humor, dick jokes, vagina gaffs, black candles, tank-tops, marijuana, sarcasm, pictures of Miley Cyrus licking penis cakes, Carl Sagan, atheism, Jenna Jameson films, Frank Herbert, cartoons, tapioca pudding, Grimlock from the Transformers, things that glow in the dark, anime, malt liquor, 80's gore films, girls with big...eyes, ltalian cheese, aerobics, ceiling fans, smilies, and a laundry list of other things that l can't get into right now.
You'll fit right in
Thanks mang!
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