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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'm at a bit of a loss over the conflicting info this game gives sometimes:
Weapons are listed with a DPV value and a DPS value.
From these, it's easy to determine their delay (DPS/DPV=T(s)):
- Turrets: .75s.
- Arrays : 1.25s.
- Cannons: .75s.
- Torpedoes: from 6.5s to 60s, depending on type.
- DBBs: 1.25s.
- DCs: .75s.
- DHCs: 1.5s. (twice the delay of DCs for twice the damage)

Nevermind, silly me made a silly mistake. Leaving the delays because it's handy to have a list like that for calculations.

Example, added damage from [Borg] procs:

Photon Torp: 1000 DPV; 1000/6.5=~153.85 DPS.
Quantum/Plasma Torp: 1000 DPV; 1000/8.5=~117.65 DPS.
Turrets, Cannons, DCs: 7.5*1000/100=75 DPV; 75/.75=100 DPS.
Chroniton/Transphasic Torp: 1000 DPV; 1000/10.5=~95.24 DPS.
Arrays, DBBs: 7.5*1000/100=75 DPV; 75/1.25=60 DPS.
DHCs: 7.5*1000/100=75 DPV; 75/1.5=50 DPS.
Tricobalt Torp: 1000 DPV; 1000/60=~16.67 DPS.

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