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Re: Vanguard: Storming Heaven by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Nogura wouldn't break the law for conscience reasons like Reyes did. If he felt his orders were wrong, he would still follow them. That is how he made admiral, loyalty to the system and following orders.

However, Nogura did care for his people. He stayed on Vanguard till the very end helping save lives rather than jump ship at the beginning to save his skin. As for the scientists, he did agree with them and defended their view point to his superiors, even to the point of angering his superior. Once the scientists broke the chain of command, even then Nogura didn't flush them out an airlock like Adama would do or even have them arrested, he sent them where they could continue their work without active Starfleet involvement. They were offended, but in the end, I think he took good care of those scientists, especially when you consider he probably could have arrested them.
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