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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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EDIT: Found the blurb about the reunion movies being ignored:

Cidre's first order of business: reviewing the old seasons all the way through to the series finale, when J.R. was reduced to a shell of his former self a sad state he's maintained when the story picks up. (Wisely, the events of two '90s reunion TV-*movies, which Duffy and Hagman both dub "terrible," are ignored.)

There you have it. And it's kind of sad, because I actually like J.R. Returns a lot; it's clever and fun. But I understand now how it completely changes the landscape of the characters and their relationships with one another and would make the new series much more difficult to do otherwise. I like enough of what I've seen so far to give Cynthia Cidre and her team the benefit of the doubt and keep watching.
That's too bad. I'm not a fan of having installments of any series ignored. And I don't see why they need to be ignored anyway. They aren't any better or worse than what we got in the series and I don't see how they stand in the way of any current development.
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