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Re: Errand of Vengeance / Fury series

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The thing is, other than these books (Vanguard, Errand series and Cloak), I'm not that familiar with "darker"/"sophisticated" TOS novels, and would love some more recommendations..
I suppose it depends on what sort of thing you're looking for. Errand of Vengeance/Fury has the connections to Vanguard, and Cloak has the kind of dark overtones that you would associate with Section 31.

I take it you're after something that goes beyond the "planet-of-the-week" formula, but I don't know if you wanted to delve into politics and intrigue or have more character-driven stories.
Well, basically I'm looking for novels that explore the TOS era / timeframe with a darker look - something that goes beyond "just" what was shown on the series itself, and delves into more complex situations, settings and characterizations - preferably more plotically or military-themed.

I hope this explains it a bit - it's more of a feeling I got when reading Vanguard, and I was looking to experience something similar (and finding it to date only in the Errand series and Cloak)..
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