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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The USS Shackleton is a brand new Nebula class ship of the line, built with the latest of technologies, and only just launching.

Her mission is to report to the Romulan Neutral Zone and start patrolling.
But things are happening in Romulan space, Strange readings on the sensors, Mysterious encounters, Sabotage and Fighting.

It is our job to investigate these and make sure it does not become a a threat to the Federation.

Join us today and become part of the Shackleton story, told by us, the crew of the Shackleton.


The Shackleton is a play by Nova game based in the year 2387.

The events of the Hobus supernova are yet to have happened.

Positions open include:

Executive Officer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Flight Controller
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Medical Officer

Join us today and become part of a unique story.

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