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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Nope. They were given a "genetic inheritance."

And the Rubber Tree People in the 24th century rainforest had cranial ridges.

Now that's a stupid plothole. Unknown tribe of RFAs managed to survive to the 24th century without detection. Sounds like a Weekly World News cover story to me.

Perhaps I'm related to Bat Boy?
I don't see that "Genetic inheritance" means "not Human."

What if it was correcting a flaw in their genes that would make the susceptible to a disease? Would that make them not Human?
That's not even close to the case here.
The ep. shows and states that the Native American's were mentally challenged but because they respected nature, the aliens "blessed" them with average intelligence. That's a very racist picture they paint because it's calling Native American's savages and incapable of evolving mentally as well as every other race and culture on Earth.
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