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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

All right. Interestingly enough, this scene didn't exist in my original version of this story (before my computer crashed). Still, this scene came to me as necessary, as a kind of intensification of certain conflicts to come.

The reason this chapter is very short is because the scene it leads to is relatively long. So without further ado...

Star Trek: Aventine
Our Sacred Honor
Chapter 12

Sarina Douglass shut off the device in her earring. She had it all—she didn’t need to record anything more, now that Julian was leaving the cell. She’d dropped the recorder as she’d walked out, herself—it was small enough to not be noticeable at all, unless you already knew it was there. Of course, it was also disposable—it transmitted everything to the device in her earring, where she could send it all to L’Haan. On that end, everything was fine.

But…it was what she heard—what she’d overheard—that unsettled her. In more ways than one.

She managed to keep her composure, though—for the sake of the security officers…and for Julian Bashir, who just came in from the hall where Ezri Dax sat in her cell.

Julian looked…well, tired. Drained…his face filled with regret—a sad nostalgia. And when he laid eyes on her—Sarina—he seemed to struggle, to fight to bottle those feelings back up.

He managed to smile. “All yours,” he said.

Sarina nodded, heading to the door—

But paused, as she noticed Julian heading to the exit. “Julian…?”

He sighed. “I’ll be going to the apartment—get some rest.”

She nodded. “Okay…I’ll be back there before you know it.”

He returned the nod—and left.

Before she went on…Sarina took note of the security officers, manning their consoles. They all went on their duties…all unaware of the great drama going on, in their vicinity.

She sighed, and braced herself, as she restored her professional exterior…and went to face Captain Ezri Dax.

* * *
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