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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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^ I was wondering when you'd pop your head in.

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Sasha Mitchell played J.R.'s firstborn (though illegitimate) son James Beaumont in the final two season of the original show.
It was fun to see him and Duffy go on to do Step by Step.
Not just together on Step By Step, but to play characters with the exact same relationship to one another!

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The new series also is ignoring the two reunion movies from the '90s.
But like I said, a lot can happen in 14 years. There's no reason why something couldn't have simply changed. That's unless something is revealed in the next two episodes that we don't know about yet. If they were ignoring the movies, I'd think that they'd deal with J.R. supposedly shooting himself in the finale.
I don't know. I have to search for it, but I definitely recall reading somewhere (TV GUide? Entertainment Weekly?) that the new series was deliberately ignoring the reunion movies.

In J.R. Returns, Cliff sells Ewing Oil to Bobby and Sue Ellen so he can follow Afton to Waco so he could hopefully find her and meet his/their daughter. The new series establishes that Cliff still owns Ewing Oil (John Ross refers to the situation as Ewing Oil still being run by "that idiot Cliff Barnes!")
Too, neither Bobby nor Sue Ellen are shown to be in any way associated with Ewing Oil in the new series.

Lastly: the pilot of the new series makes no mention of the final gunshot heard in the original series finale. All we know is that J.R. has been catatonically depressed. We don't know for how long, but the implication is that it's been for a while. Granted, it can't have been for the entire intervening 20 years since "Conundrum" aired, because J.R. recognizes Ann at the Cattle Baron's Ball, so he had to have been ok for some time to get to know her before Bobby married her.

So I stand by my earlier statement - the new series is taking the Doctor Who route and acknowledging the previous series as much as it needs to but obviously not every last minute detail. It'd be nice if the new show did, but there are enough obvious differences and plot threads that contradict what we've already seen that it's patently obvious that things like the reunion movies are not in the continuity of the new show.

EDIT: Found the blurb about the reunion movies being ignored:

Cidre's first order of business: reviewing the old seasons all the way through to the series finale, when J.R. was reduced to a shell of his former self — a sad state he's maintained when the story picks up. (Wisely, the events of two '90s reunion TV-*movies, which Duffy and Hagman both dub "terrible," are ignored.)

There you have it. And it's kind of sad, because I actually like J.R. Returns a lot; it's clever and fun. But I understand now how it completely changes the landscape of the characters and their relationships with one another and would make the new series much more difficult to do otherwise. I like enough of what I've seen so far to give Cynthia Cidre and her team the benefit of the doubt and keep watching.

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