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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Interesting comments from Robbie Collins who is the film critic for The Telegraph after watching the film:

The Amazing Spider-Man is Hollywood's first superhero franchise aimed primarily at teenage girls.

It's Twilight in spandex, and that's sincerely meant as a compliment.

It has very little in common with the Sam Raimi films, which were for all the teenage boys who used to dress up as Spidey.

It's aimed at young women who'll soon be asking their boyfriends to dress up as Spidey for them.

I should stress these are all v good things. Absolutely no point in covering old ground. The Avengers brigade are already well catered for.

Looks incredible, too - 3D deep and silky-smooth, used to sensational effect to show off Manhattan and Andrew Garfield's buttocks.!/robbiereviews
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