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Re: Lucy Pinder: Babe of the week #25 (June 2012)

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So those that said down, you're a person who posts on a Star Trek chat board, and this approaches you asking you to "get in on," and you say no?
There's a big difference between using her to get your nut off on her own request and whether or not she's the type you find attractive.

I suspect anyone would sleep with her given the opportunity (and assuming it wouldn't break any marital oaths.) She's clearly very attractive but that's not the same thing as being the type of looks you prefer in the overall grand scheme.

Some of the hand-wringing in this thread is hilarious, it's a thread about treating women like objects so let's just cut to the chase, I'd do her up the bum if she promised not to speak but otherwise she's not my type.

Edit: I would spunk on her face as well if requested. I would not be willing for her to use a strap-on on me.
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