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It's Kevin with Kevin Eldon

I reckon there will be a few people round here interested in this. Kevin Eldon has (finally) been given his own show.

From Digital Spy

Kevin Eldon has landed his own BBC Two sketch show It's Kevin with Kevin Eldon, to air next year.

The 51-year-old actor, best known for featuring in alternative comedy shows in the 1990s, is writing and starring in six 30-minute episodes of the format, which will contain songs and special guests.

It's Kevin will be produced by the BBC in-house comedy team behind the BAFTA-winning Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, in which he has appeared for sketches.

Cheryl Taylor, controller of comedy commissioning, said: "Kevin Eldon is a very special comedian indeed and we're delighted to have the opportunity to showcase his many talents on BBC Two."

Eldon said: "I have always liked chaffinches. The money I may receive from this show may well allow me buy more pictures of chaffinches."
One more anal-probing gyro-pyro levitating ecoplasm alien anti-matter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody.
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