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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

As an unabashed Dallas fan, I have the entire original series and movies on DVD at home and can answer some questions people have asked:

I'm pretty sure Bobby, Sue Ellen, JR, and most of the Ewings from the old series know the truth about Christopher - that he is Sue Ellen's biological nephew and that his biological parents are Kristin Shepard and Jeff Faraday (the guy who Bobby "bought" Christopher from.)

2) The new series is more of a continuation a la what was done with Doctor Who in the 2005 revival. Lots of stuff is still being retained in continuity, but much is being glossed over or ignored. Examples:

John Ross in the pilot goes to great length to remind us he's J.R.'s firstborn son when in actuality, he isn't. Sasha Mitchell played J.R.'s firstborn (though illegitimate) son James Beaumont in the final two season of the original show.

2) No mention is made of April, Bobby's second wife (who was murdered right in front of him on their honeymoon), or Cally (J.R.'s second wife) or the baby they had. Nor is any mention made of Jenna (Priscilla Presley) Ray's wife, or her daughter Charlie and her son (by Bobby), Lucas. Nor is any mention made of Ray's daughter Margaret from his marriage to Donna Culver. Maybe we'll see these kids grown up eventually?

The new series also is ignoring the two reunion movies from the '90s. Probably because the second, "War of the Ewings" sucked, and also because "J.R. Returns" undid a lot of the drama that the end of the series put in place (and from which this new series is picking up from.) Examples: J.R. manipulates Cliff in to selling Ewing Oil back to Bobby (and Sue Ellen) in "J.R. Returns"; we get an answer as to what happened to J.R. following the end of the series; and by the end of the first film, J.R., Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Ross, and Christopher are all living at Southfork again, with Bobby and Sue Ellen running Ewing Oil and J.R. running WestStar Oil.

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If Pam does return, I hope they made her look like Victoria Principal again (if she looked like anyone else after the fiery crash).

All we ever got was the fake Pam.
Not true. The same actress who played "Fake Pam" (the one Bobby dated briefly) returned a year later as "Actual" Pam when Cliff Barnes was searching for her. He found her and she told him never to tell Bobby. Afterward, we learned she was dying from her new doctor/husband.

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The only major difference was the absence of the cast photos during the opening.
I miss that too. I also hate that the theme is entirely synthesized and not performed by an actual orchestra. Sigh.

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^ Assuming there is one...

The dream season began because they killed off Bobby in the 1985 season finale. On Knots, Gary (J.R., Bobby and Ray's brother) who had a drinking problem started drinking again. The producers on Knots liked this storyline and where it led the rest of the series so much that after Bobby's return from the dead, they decided not to acknowledge it. Gary never appeared on Dallas again, but they would reference him occasionally (Lucy's second marriage to Mitch, and J.R.'s funeral in J.R. Returns.)

Lastly, the big scene where J.R. takes the painting of Jock down from the wall in Ewing Oil is from the 1987 season finale, when Jeremy Wendell (then the president of WestStar) managed to manipulate the government into shutting Ewing Oil down, leaving him free to buy the building. J.R. makes a poignant point to his son about how Ewing Oil is more than just a company; it's literally family to them, as symbolized by the painting of Jock.

As for the new series, I love it. It's not quite what I was expecting, but then if it had just been a clone of the old show, I'd have mostly been disappointed. I do wish we had a more similar opening credits sequence (the old one was always more of an "announcement" than just a theme song...) and apart from little niggling details they got wrong (Southfork is in Braddock County, not Dallas, Christopher spent a lot of his childhood living with Pam at her house when she and Bobby were separated), I have been quite enjoying the new show.

A friend was able to hook me up with a sampler DVD of the first four episodes. I've seen them all now, and can say that 1) We will find out who sent the email to Elena soon and 2) We'll be seeing at least one more familiar face show up soon.

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