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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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^Some are worth a lot though. The other day I sold a stack of 250 chronometric wave signatures for 975K EC.

Also, if you want to hold on to them I believe I read that data samples are going to be fodder for starbase projects.
975K EC? Sweet !! I've been trying to increase my EC count by making and selling the prototype torpedo and turrett platforms. Between those and the Tour the Galaxy, I've made well over 5 million EC in just over a week.

There are special DOFF assignments that you can get from your Science officer on your ship (visit your bridge and go to the science lab). You can turn in data samples for 250 dilithium and particle traces for 500 dilithium. Each of these mission require about 20 of each type of sample.

Question about the Thunderchild and Armitage - can you use the both the Phaser and Photon Torpedo Point Defense System on the same ship?
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