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Luke Sutton
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Star Trek: Unity

Star Trek: Unity

From Unity One starbase in the 24th century, Captain Puto & Captain Lewis lead Starfleet's youngest crew across space and time in the USS Odyssey, saving the galaxy, righting galactic wrongs and exploring the final frontier... whilst having as much fun as they can!

Starring: Ian Pidgley, Luke Sutton, Adam Best, Emma Long, Thomas Stevens, Rebecca Carter, Matt McConnell, Flic French, Beth Hobley, et al

A late TNG-era live-action and machinima amateur fan film series with an emphasis on drama, story and character, consisting of forty-plus episodes of varying length, filmed between 2005 and 2012. Ongoing and improving by every release! Amalgamates certain elements of other science fiction into the Star Trek universe.

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Writer and Actor in the British Star Trek: Unity fan film series.
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