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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Exactly. Also, it fails at portraying scientists. Those idiots are on the alien planet, have just made probably the greatest discovery in the human history, and then the biologist runs away at first sight of alien life and the geologist claims that he has nothing to do there? Where is their curiosity? For a real scientist, being in this situation should be like being a kid in a candy store.
And not to be out done, what about Hipster Archaeology guy.... during the autopsy, he could barely be bothered... the BIGGEST discovery of LIFETIMES... and he could barely sit there... maybe he wanted to go listen to some emo music and write poetry...
Yeah, Holloway was annoying too. Okay, so you didn't get to speak directly to the Gods, but it's still the most amazing discovery in history. But he just pouts around the ship like a kid who didn't get a toy for Christmas and starts acting like a dick to the android.
No, no - the "scientists" and their disdain for actual discovery are the result of the Conservatives winning the "war on science". This also explains the rise of an evil corporate entity like Weyland.


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