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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

Be warned,there's more images out there than there used to be (you know who your friend is), but it's hard to find IRL.

TBH, what got me started was my wife bought two small framed reproductions (which believe ot or not, turned out to be framed placemats - someone just liked the pictures), and what struck me about them...

It seemed to me they were telling a story. I haven't found images of either of them yet, but here's two similar ones.

Cote d'Azur:


As in the two I have, notice the figures of a woman and child. In Avignon, she wears a red top and white skirt/pants, and the child blue top and orange pants. In Cote d'Azur she has a white top and yellow skirt, he has an orange top and blue pants.

When you see a range of his work, painted in London and some of northern France, they're very subdued, sombre, very pale grey day kind of thing. But the ones set in Provence and southern France, are vibrant and full of colour and light... and in the midst of them, those two figures. Granted they may simply be easy to paint, but the storyteller in me said, "What if...?" What if... an English painter travelled to France regularly to paint, and on the way fell in love and had a child that he placed in his paintings, to show that love in a discreet way? I have absolutely no idea if this has any truth (Hann, 1900-1979, was a British artist, and the uncle of contemporary artist Alan Furneaux, and he doesn't have a Wikipedia entry), but I was struck by the difference in his work, and those two figures. His work in Paris, like the desktop one, seems to be between the two, like French Flower Market and Rue Maubert and Quai Aux Fleurs, maybe something started there.

I'm going to turn that thought into a story, and soon. It'll be entirely fictional, of course, but it seems every time I look at (what I call) the sunlit paintings, those figures are there somewhere.
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