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Re: One Giant Transporter Pad?

Quite probably so.

Yet one wonders why the floor of the transporter "chamber" would be so inconveniently elevated. Why not keep it flush with the rest of the deck? If it's just a matter of excessively bulky underfloor machinery, surely it would be better to have that machinery protrude from the ceiling of the deck below, rather than from the floor of the transporter room?

Out of all the transporter setups, the ENT one comes off as the most enclosed, what with the conically flared upper and lower corners of the cylinder space. The way the lighted vertical ridges on the walls appear to extend to under the floor circle and above the corresponding ceiling one would seem to suggest that it's important to encase the transportee inside important elements of machinery from all directions, or at least as many as possible. Still doesn't explain the lack of a flush floor, though.

Timo Saloniemi
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