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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

What I am afraid of, is that the Starbase building will be the biggest grind yet.

The new content it will come with might be interesting for 2 runs and then it's back to STF levels of repetition.

Technically our fleet is well equiped for it.
Devs said the sweet spot for efficient build times is member numbers of 40-50 which is pretty close to us (when all members are actively playing). Last time I counted we were around 30.
Efficient in this case means, enough players to make good progress and enough rewards to benefit all of us.

Then again, the reason for the inactivity is said grind I think.

Personally I had enough of it, since it wasn't going anywhere.
Every reward you can grind is completely useless cause once you have it there is nothing else we can do with it.

The recent State of the Game article says we will get the Tholians with the new season as enemies...
Great, enemies without content. I guess they will show up in the new repeatable grind missions.

Yes, DStahl also said that season 7 will be story contentpalooza with the Tholians taking center stage before the end of the year.

They said the same thing about season 5 after FTP before FTP became season 5 and then between release of season 5 nothing much happened up to now with season 6, another system- not content-update, is about to knock on the door.

So what are we grinding for?

Maybe it is time to shift the priorities of the fleet a bit.
I am not in charge anymore, but what do you guys think of trying to be more self sufficient and make our own content.
Through Foundry missions and Roleplay?
I am sure, there are lots of roleplay options in game? We can include PvP, Foundry and of course having our own starbase helps a lot!
We have our KDF faction as a counterpart which we can actually communicate with (I am looking at you TOR with no means of communication between factions).

Let's use that.
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