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I'm surprised at how ignorant people are on SF boards about real technology...most likely that was some sort of advanced nanotechnology as well as biotech involved.

Nanotech. Goo, would've been nice if they'd let anyone have a hint of what it was or why it does what it does. But that required more pacing and exposition. But all the people in audience on the up and up of "real technology" could figure it out. (Not general audiences, in other words.)

Instead, it's LEVIATHAN (even put it a wine bottle). It mutates things because it does. That's what's in the script. Or was that soy sauce someone spilled on a napkin?

There was a lot more than just Earth on the 3D map.

The cave maps, not the holo-map. Why did ancient Earth cultures have a "chart" to the space jockey version of bio-weapons facility? The only explanation I've heard that make any sense is that it was a warning (a dumb one) or a trap if humans ever got to space.

I don't think sleeping with the captain had anything to do with her dad...
I forget how ignorant people on SF boards are about reading deliberately obnoxious statements (like anyone really posts anything in all caps that is meant to be serious?)

It seemed they almost wanted to make Charlize's character sympathetic at one point (sleeps with Idris, seemed some revulsion after burning Noomi's boyfriend), then NO, SHE HAS TO DIE, SHE'S A BITCH. Making previous scenes inconsistent. Or hell, she's just horny. Don't let the corporate ice princess fool you, fellers, they are ready to spread 'em.

But what was her purpose again? Corporate bitch...with daddy issues. Her role could've been reduced to a corporate stooge ala Burke in ALIENS.

There's the idea she may be some sort of synthetic. She recovers from cryosleep quickly. Later, everyone else seems sick as dogs after waking. Of course, we don't know how long she was awake before Davey sees her.

Why did Noomi's Dr. Shaw think the engineers changed their minds about doing Earth in? The bomber pilot forgot to wake up. That's it. Dumb luck.

I wonder if the engineers knew that Predators came along and taught humans civilization? (Ridley disliked AvP, they stole too many of his prequel ideas and used them 10 years before he did!)
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