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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Another PPV that I predicted accurately, not to mention one that had a terrible main event. The steel cage match itself was fair largely due to Big Show who carried the match and performed the high spots. The finish was just ridiculous, no sooner had Cena escaped the cage and won the match, he was back on his feet as if nothing had happened. He sold absolutely nothing despite being dominated the entire match, whereas Big Show sold the effects of the match and limped quietly to the back.

This is becoming a rather annoying pattern which must piss off a lot of the guys in the back, given that Cena is apparently excused from having to put other guys over by selling the effects of their offense post-match. His superhuman comebacks are nothing new, but his complete ignorance when it comes to selling the effects of a match are ruining the suspension of disbelief element that is crucial to professional wrestling.

Interestingly enough, Cena's opponents have done 80% of the work in his last three PPV matches. The Laurinaitis match at OTL wasn't really a match, but Laurinaitis did all the selling whilst Cena walked around the ring smiling like a jackass and pouring water down Laurinatis' crotch. I'm thinking there is a possibility that Cena is really banged up and needs and extended leave of absence to recover (perhaps even have surgery) but both he and WWE are choosing to delay because it's bad for business - which isn't exactly the truth given that WWE will still sell Cena merchandise regardless of whether he is performing or not.

Then again, there is the possibility that WWE has finally realised that John Cena is incapable of working an entertaining match unless he is in the ring with someone like CM Punk, Brock Lesnar or Triple H and therefore they compensate by shortening the wrestling element of the match and filling in the gaps with interference and other distraction tactics.
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