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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

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And that lightning guy seems more like a light bender, especially since his lightning emanates from his third eye, where the 6th chakra lies.
You must mean Combustion Man, and he didn't fire lightning. According to the Avatar Wiki:
He channeled chi energy from his stomach, and then focused and fired it from his third eye, through a tattoo on his forehead. This energy created thin transparent energy bolts that cracked like firecrackers as they traveled and then explode violently on impact with a surface.
So it wasn't lightning, it was pure concentrated chi, the energy source for firebending. Instead of generating fire directly from his body, he projected chi toward a target (kind of a chi laser) and caused it to explode.

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Hate to nitpick but there is no such thing as Spiritbending. It is only canonically known as Energybending. Spiritbending is a fanon name.
Semantics. When I first saw in in the A:TLA finale, I said to myself, "He's chi-bending!" Chi means life energy or lifeforce, and is reasonably close to the concept of the spirit. So they can be considered different ways of saying the same thing.

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So based on that, I'm assuming that spirit-bending is a separate, fifth form of bending.
You don't have to assume, we know it's seperate. The lion turtle said (I'm paraphrasing) "Before the avatar we did not bent the elements, we bent the spirit"
"In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements, but the energy within ourselves."

Or maybe spiritbending was and still is the base of all bending and air, water, earth and firebending are just specialized forms of it. Every bender is a spiritbender just like every metalbender is an earthbender, spiritbending was just forgotten over time.
Well, in the sense that all bending is about directing one's chi to have a physical effect. Energybending is about altering the chi within another person instead.

This also fits my other theory, that there is no genetic element to bending at all, every bender has the potential to bend every element at birth, the reason the water tribes only produce waterbenders is because their entire culture is build around water.
Well, we know it's not mainly genetic, since Katara is a waterbender and Sokka wasn't. I think they even once mentioned a pair of twins who included a bender and a non-bender. But I don't think the rest follows. The thing to understand is that in this show's universe, the elements are defined in spiritual/mystical terms, and bending is derived from spiritual energy. So the nations have different bending abilities because of their spiritual essence as nations, as peoples with distinct mindsets and affinities and characters. The Earth Kingdom is grounded and settled, the Air Nomads flighty and free-flowing, the Water Tribes fluid and adaptable but strong and determined, the Fire Nation passionate and intense. So bending ability probably comes from the soul rather than the genes, which is why energybending can take it away.

If two waterbenders lived in Republic City their child could turn out to be a firebender.
So far, that has been shown to be kind of genetic, or at least lineage-dependent. Mako and Bolin are the children of a firebender and an earthbender, and each one got one of the parents' abilities. Aang and Katara's children included one airbender, one waterbender, and one nonbender. There hasn't yet been a case established of a child having a bending ability that neither parent had.

Still, if it is a matter of national character/psyche, then perhaps as the United Republic becomes more integrated as a culture, with its own distinct national "soul" emerging, there could one day be "crossover" births like that, or maybe even people who could bend more than one element.

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^ They could do that if everything we're talking about has some validity. I found this article that talks about a rumor concerning book 2's title.
Well, it doesn't say where that rumor comes from; it sounds like it's just a bunch of people online making the same rather obvious speculation I made.

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But yeah, if that happens next season, I would also love to see Korra traveling the world, maybe trying to learn more about her spiritual side from different types of benders from the four nations. I'd love to see how the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom have changed. I bet Korra would have fun sliding around the chutes in Omashu.
It would be interesting to see the state of the rest of the world, but I don't think I want to see TLoK mimic the "world tour" format of A:TLA. The whole reason they created Republic City was because they didn't want to copy what they did the last time.
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