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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

very good point, very good point.

(The episodes are being streamed from, but that might be restricted to Canada. There's a legal link to the first episode a couple pages back which might still be active.)

I don't leave a foot print, living on the under ass of the planet waiting 2 to three years for Foreign TV to arrive inside my 20 year old television... What I do or do not do has zero impact on US and Candian ratings since I'm not supposed to be watching Continuum till 2015, and even then, no one will know if I watch it or go to the movies... La de dah, however lets have a moment of compassion for the Nielson Families.

Everything they do matters.

There's that episode of Night court where a Nielson family was dragged before Judge Harry and they refused to stop watching a hand held TV. They claimed that becuase they had to go to a funeral in 1969, that some Suit cancelled Star Trek.

but in an extreme world today of so many choices...

These poor families are stuck in the 80s denied the modern world so that we can have the TV we have to day.

How brave.

How noble.

If just one errant aberrant child from a Nielson Family sneaks off to watch Youtube... SOMETHING DIES!!!!

What an awesome responsibility and heinous curse.
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