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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Does it come with the R2 unit?
No, unfortunately the Fighter doesn't come with an Astromech droid. At least the original 1999 ship had a molded R2 droid dome that served as a button or something. Doesn't seem like including a figure with a vehicle is Hasbro's strong suit anymore unless we're talking about the upcoming MTT Troop Transport(which comes with a whopping 21 figures...although to be frank sixteen of them are little more than pre-posed little statues that can hold blaster rifles and one other is pretty ancient and nothing more than a cheap and gratuitous throw-in, so really there are only four that are modern and of any great quality).

All that said, the new Fighter looks incredible and I hope the recent horrible distribution issues on Hasbro's part don't affect Class II Vehicles like this. I'd like to get at least one, maybe two of them. It's been over a decade since a 3-3/4" scale Naboo Fighter has even been on the market.
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