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Regarding Guy Pearce, I can't help but imagine that he was cast to play the elderly Weyland because in the sequel, he'll be back as an android (or we'll at least see his younger self).
From what I heard, he was going to play the younger Weyland in THIS movie (ala flashbacks or other things), but things changed and he was already signed, etc, etc.
I mentioned an interview that contained that tidbit of information earlier in the thread, and I just took a few minutes to track it down.

[...] as for why Weyland is played by Guy Pearce in old-man makeup, Spaihts says Damon Lindelof's script showed the android David going inside Weyland's dreams while he was in hypersleep and in his dreams, Weyland is a young man, on a yacht surrounded by beautiful women. These dream conversations got cut, but Pearce's casting was already locked in. Scott had originally wanted to cast Max von Sydow as Peter Weyland. (In Spaiht's script versions, Weyland isn't aboard the Prometheus at all instead, there's a hidden squad of company soldiers.)
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