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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"

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Hey CeJay,

Still working my way through your story and I saw that Vej is a Ullian counselor. Maybe that's why I thought the idea was so good at the time. I don't want things to be too similar to what you've got going on, so I'll change the species designation.

Note to readers, it's a good bet that I will change Dendron's species. Looking at Betazoid, but I might go with something else. Maybe Deltan. My apologies if this causes any confusion.
And here I thought it was a homage.

But seriously, I would leave him an Ulllian if I were you. It makes perfect sense for them to be counselors, considering their telepathic skills and there is bound to be many more across the Federation and in Starfleet. Your call.
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