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Re: Revisiting the films...

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If TMP had delivered then things would have been different afterward. But there are reasons the film came out as it did and it seems no one would acknowledge what those were and accept responsibility.
I don't know about that. Everyone admits it was a mistake to start with an unfinished script. The critical error was block-booking the film into theaters which set an unalterable end-date, which effectively forced them to start before the script was ready. The Robert Abel problem just exacerbated the situation.

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I suppose it wasn't unexpected TPTB reacted as they did by wanting to jettison everything but the cast, the sets and the filming miniature.
Let's put a name on TPTB: Nick Meyer. In his memoir he basically said he decided to zig where TMP zagged:
...served to validate my own instincts to push back against the seriousness of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Similarly, I rebelled against the look of Wise's film...If I'd had the budget, I world have started from scratch and the result would have looked more like the spaceship freighter seen in Alien.
Nicholas Meyer, The View From the Bridge. p.93–94

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