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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

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I had no idea that Rich used to be at CBR.
Oh yeah, he was at CBR for many years, that's where I first started to follow him. Used to give warnings about the validity of the stuff he was reporting through traffic lights:
Green meant it was true and could be confirmed.
Yellow meant it was possible, but couldn't be confirmed.
Red meant it was basically bogus.

His original Lying In The Gutters still there to some extent at BleedingCool, but it's more of a weekly recap kind of thing now.
I started following Bleeding Cool after he broke the news regarding the New 52...two weeks before DC planned, I thought that was a dick move then and still do...but since then he's been right about 90 percent of the time that I've been following since I keep using him as a resource.
Yeah, I do think Johnson tends to be more right than wrong, but when he is wrong, there can be zero grain of truth to it sometimes.
"Don't sweat the small stuff--it makes you small-minded..."
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