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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

34. Little Fockers: B-
35. Halloween III: Season of the Witch: B+
36. Winters Bone: B+
37. Battleship: A-
38. Much Ado About Nothing: B+

Winters Bone: It was a good film. I seem to recall lots of hype about it though back upon it's release. Was that cause of expectations on a then relative unknown Jennifer Lawrence or it was Peter Jackson's first big movie post LOTR? Both? I did enjoy it and at times it felt more like a documentary on poor white mountain trash or human interest drama about a down on their luck family.

Battleship: If this movie were called Naval Combat and had no expectations to feeling tied to a Board Game it would have maybe been received better? There is only one 15min sequence in the film that resembles the board game, beyond that it's just an alien invasion film. No glaring plot holes. It's actually an enjoyable summer popcorn action flick.

Much Ado About Nothing: The early 90's Kenneth Brangh adaptaion. A coworker was going to throw it away after not getting anything for it at a second hand retailer so she gave it to me when I mentioned I hadn't seen it. That I could recall. It's decent. It was more fun seeing the introduction of Kate Beckinsale and a post-Batman Michael Keaton than anything.
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