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Hey! Me and B.J. are in Hermit Valley Heights too, right?
Actually we were thinking that you're probably in a different district. We were thinking we'd call it the Arena district? But Xan would probably be in that district too then. Either way, I'm happy to work on something together, I just don't want to cut into RM's excellent tunnel system.

Cutter John wrote: View Post
Towers looking good so far Owain.

Well this is just great. I spend nearly a week slogging across the ocean only to stumble across another mushroom biome! I'd be annoyed if it weren't so cool. Its huge, and right next to a Jungle biome!

Check out the warp at 'mushroom jungle'.
Aww. Thanks for making the warp there, I love jungles.

On a sidenote, can people be on the watch for my chickens escaping my yard? They seem to be staying put for now, but I found three of the escaped ones in the arena, others in the quarry, and it just makes me sad for them so I don't want it to happen again.
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