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Re: What Trek Ship suffered the most damage and beating?

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I also like that in Season 3 (like BSG did,) when it was damaged, it stayed damaged for the following episodes. All the way till it was finally repaired/refitted in 4.03

Unlike say VOY where the ship would come under sever fire, and the next episode it was perfectly fine- Deadlock, The Killing Game, Equinox pt.2 etc
Even DS9 did it with Season 4's To The Death where an upper pylon was blown away, but of course next week it was 100% fixed

my most hated thing is Voyager critics who most of the time have bad reference.

1/ in Deadlock the Voy was only internally damage,with microfractures etc...would be easy to repair anything in the 24th centuary when you can replicate whatever.

2/Killling game also had only internal damage.

3/ Equinox yeah Voy was Damaged by the aliens so what? and it was repaired miraculously? is that the first time you see it in a series or movie XD...i don't see anyone getting annoyed over the Enterprise-D getting a huge part of its hull chopped off in Qwho....then continuing on its way fully repaired in the next cut scene.thats just cause people prefer TNG over the others and ignore all the inconsistencies that are so obvious in all trek. people should just watch and enjoy without nagging and picking every detail.
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