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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Couldn't he take both probes and Generators/Cube/Transformer?
It's a monumental waste to have someone handle only probes.

That said, not very nice (or efficient) to leave someone alone on the right side. A 3/2 split would've been better.

Surviving Donatra is mostly a matter of:
- Timing Evasive Maneuvers to avoid the Thalaron burst. Very easy.
- Timing Brace for Impact to deal with her Torpedo Spread. First one is easy when you're used to it, but after that it involves some guesswork.
- A bit of luck if on an Escort. A Torp Spread can do quite a bit of damage, even with BFI and then she can wear you down with regular attacks while your heals are on cooldown, so you're basically hoping she cloaks.

I'm in a terrible ISE group atm.
Not knowing the 10% thing, I'm fine with.
Not being willing to apply it, I'm fine with.
Rainbows, I'm fine with.
Unrepaired injuries... somewhat annoying, but no huge deal.

But this group applied the 10% thing relatively well and then just targetted the normal Spheres that pop near the Transformer, completely missing the point of the 10% rule.
When questionned about why they did that, one of them just insults me in very broken english.
That infuriates me. Especially the broken english part, because it just tells you the individual doesn't have the cognitive capacity to understand the irony of insulting other people's intelligence in broken english.

Then again, when I saw a Ship spelled in alternate caps (the "USS DeVaStAToR"), I should've expected such behaviour.
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