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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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I think this perhaps has been the most "messy" time of the so called PG era.
I somewhat agree, WWE has taken a huge step backwards in the last couple of months. I remember last year where Wrestlemania 27 was a joke (with exception to the Taker/Triple H match, but that's one match out of an entire PPV) and Extreme Rules was the superior effort. WWE also decided that The Miz had been champion long enough (he hadn't nearly peaked) and had John Cena utterly destroy him in a laughable rematch at Over The Limit (which was easily one of the worst PPV's WWE has ever produced). In fact, nearly everything from Royal Rumble until Money In the Bank was badly booked - MITB was where WWE started to get things right, indeed the weeks leading up to the PPV were some of the most exciting in the last decade, it was clearly a PPV sell that WWE got right and the PPV more than delivered.

Fast forward and we've had hits and misses, but the PPV's up until Extreme Rules (Wrestlemania 28 was an awesome effort) have delivered this year and a pattern of doing things right was emerging... But now, it's as if WWE has suddenly come down with a case of amnesia and forgotten the critically acclaimed booking that they have performed steadily from the beginning of this year up until recently. It's not about money, because WM28 did an astronomical buy rate and they've been up in profits in the last couple of quarters.

Why don't they just take the next steps already and have John Cena unify the two world titles, release a grotesque new spinner belt, have Skip Sheffield (I mean Ryback) end the streak, send CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to tag team division oblivion, hire some more cancelled comedy show writers, partner with McDonald's and create a clown character based on Ronald McDonald that a talent such as Chris Hero or Claudio Castagnoli is wasted on playing, give David Otunga a world title run, humiliate Jim Ross a lot more, give a Diva an early menopause gimmick, pay some of the cast from Jersey Shore to train as wrestlers, bring back the Tim White suicide attempt videos, hire a ton of talented cruiserweight wrestlers for the next muscular anomaly to destroy, go all the way and have Vickie Guerrero billed as Piggy Guerrero and finally completely outlaw any and all mentions, spoken hints or references to professional wrestling including renaming Wrestlemania to "Super Sunday" and the ring to "the physical debating zone".
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