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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I guess no one here watches Smackdown? Not too surprising given how much the WWE have neglected it compared to how they try to pull out all the stops for the Super Show.

I was shocked they opened the show with A.J. on her own--the roster must be paper thin right now and I'm not complaining. She plays Crazy Chick much better than I ever would have expected which plays a big part in the unpredictability of the three-way match. No one anywhere can predict where this storyline will go at NWO and that's a good thing considering how utterly predictable other parts of the card are (SuperSheamus pins Ziggler, Santino strips down Ricardo (and this is coming from someone who finds Ricardo oddly entertaining), Ryback squashes THREE local talents in about 3 minutes...Zzzz). Was hoping to see A.J. and Vickie get into more of a fight or even a full match but the two segments were surprisingly good even considering I can't stand anything about Vickie or Sheamus, the latter of whom had to ruin a perfectly good segment by showing up on my TV screen.
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