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Re: Lucy Pinder: Babe of the week #25 (June 2012)

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So she's famous for having big boobs and not flashing her nipples till a few years ago?

How hilariously pathetic.

I guess simple minds do in fact equal simple pleasures.
Maybe the first time I actually voted down.

Shallow, guys. So shallow.
I think the only ever time I voted and commented was Karen Gillan and that was on the smoking "controversy" way back when.

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Christina Hendricks.
But to be fair, she can act, unlike Ms Pinder who is (in)famous for having big boobs, appearing in some lads mags and bugger all else about her.
Exactly. I'm one of those odd ducks that doesn't care much at all for big boobs, so the fact that Christina Hendricks has them is secondary to her skills as an actress... oh and the red hair. Can't forget the red hair.

Lucy Pinder, on the other hand, doesn't really "do it" for me... though I do appreciate the fact that she's not a blonde as it's nice to have variety in these polls.
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