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Re: hi ho Silver, The Lone Ranger rides on....

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...Of course, many of the best Western are remembered precisely because in some respect or other they contested the moronic premises.
The Western was a staple in movies for decades, with major stars who did only Westerns. There were hundred and hundreds of these things. As civil rights struggles heated up, the classic Western was increasingly subverted by revisionist Westerns, while the classic Western set in the dream West declined in popularity. Television is more retrograde because of the influence of businessment via advertising, but the same pattern holds with a delay of a decade or so. (Also, the Lone Ranger is a regular Western of any sort?)

Incidentally, attempts to revive the classic Western in a direct to DVD format are usually shelved at Wal-Mart in the same area as the Christian movies. I gather those are often not direct to DVD but have their own specialized distribution networks (direct via churches sometimes.) The real test of course would be if some of these Westerns also moved through these circuits as their version of "family viewing."
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