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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

Holy shit!

Did they cross over with Eureka?

Something so incredible happens in the final season of Eureka that Vincent becomes a Luddite! Both characters have the same name being portrayed by the same actor... It doesn't take a genius to stop something like that from happening. Chris Gauthier probably shut the fuck up and let it play out laughing his ass off.

And that general looked, and more importantly acted like Colonel Mayborne from Staragate...

holy Shit!

Did they cross over with Stargate and Eureka in the same episode?

They made the same mistake Lois made in the Superman movie. Saying millions, when she really meant billions, but it's actually closer to everyone in the world now and every one who will ever be born, and every one that should of be born who won't... Which is a very large number if we don't die out in the early 22nd century.

It's episode four and only now does someone anticipate that Kiera might be playing god?


Temporal Prime Directive says that she kills the terrorists ASAP and then she kills herself.


So every one born in the American nursery is loaded down with an instant portion of the Governments debt?


So, you're a baby, and you have to pay off 10 million dollars before you die or something really bad happens.

If a baby or a child dies prematurely, does the parent inherit the debt or is it spread out amongst the siblings?

This is like that awful shitty "In Time" movie.

Maybe the debt doesn't become active until you're an adult by making it to some arbitrary birthday?


Consider the suicide rate as debtday approaches?

But then what's squalor like really in Utopia?

Starship troopers lore suggests that that's why Kiera joined the military.

Service pays off the debt quickly and once your bank account is in the black, you get to live well like it seems she does?

Although her husbands seems to be both a bigwig and a member of Liberate.

Kiera is going to go back to the future and stick her foot up his ass.
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