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Re: Lucy Pinder: Babe of the week #25 (June 2012)

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no, she's from Hampshire. that's a pretty posh accent............
Is it?

I know you're in Gloucestershire and the regional accents around here aren't exactly brilliant, but that is no-way near posh.

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Found her voice kinda grating in the video. What regional accent is that? Chav?
"Chav" is not a region. It's a derogatory term for lower-class Britons.
Yes and no.

It is mainly applied to "lower-class" people and a decade ago when term was first coined you'd be completely right. But it can be applied across all "classes" and is mainly a "middle-class" thing now and is even seen as a badge of honour in a sense.
Huh, I've always taken it to be the British equivalent of "poor white trash." Never really seen the implication that it applies to middle-class people or that it was something to be proud of being.
Out of hope.
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