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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

^^ Probably because it's in the original Japanese, not dubbed. I guess I've never noticed it before because the title doesn't really telegraph that it's a genre flick.

Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
Gonna have to google "Twisted Tea" as well.
Good stuff. It's not like the other brand, where you can taste the alcohol. It's very tasty and leaves you with a nice, mellow buzz for those days when you just want to sit around the shanty.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I've realized something about Gojira. Lives in the remote, hostile depths of the ocean... is unharmed by things that would kill most beings... thrives on radiation... he's an extremophile!
I'm surprised nobody has used that as a title for a movie yet.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Glad to hear it. I taped it impulse, but haven't watched it yet. Sounds like I've got something to look forward to!
Oh, yeah. Fasten your seat belt.

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Was up late last night and caught about 15 minutes of Hausa. Wow, talk about trippy! I think it was heavily influenced by Yellow Submarine.
That's another good comparison.
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