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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'm sorry, I was just in an EliteSTF KASE group from hell and I need to rant.

/rant on

Before the fight began, the group leader asked "I'll handle right, who will handle left?". Someone volunteered to handle left probes. Now we all presumed he meant he'll handle the right probes. Never in a million years did I imagine he actually meant he's taking down right transformers by himself and not touching the right probes.

At any rate, I was still oblivious to this as I was busy taking down left transformers with everyone else. Every time he asked who's handling right probes, I spun around and saw a ship on the far right side and assumed that ship was handling the probes so I said nothing. I never realized it was his ship and he does not want to clear the probes. I only took notice when the group leader yelled, "SOMEONE HELP ME WITH RIGHT PROBES". I spun around and this time I saw a Borg cube on the far right side with explosions so I assumed he accidentally spawned the cube and couldn't handle the probes. So I said "omw" and went over to clear the probes for him. And as a helpful gesture I destroyed the offensive cube before going back to clearing transformers on the left side.

Next thing I know, group leader's screaming at me, saying how its my responsibility to clear right probes and not his just because because I said "omw". Naturally, I defended my actions as I never volunteered to handle right probes. And this guy has the gall to retort that he's had enough of my excuses and tells the EliteSTF channel to put me on ignore!

On top of that, no one in the group had good dps. They just kept blowing up when Donatra attacked them. Several times, I was the only ship left attacking Donatra's ship. It took 10 minutes to bring Donatra's ship down and I was pretty amazed my Prometheus escort only blew up twice.

/rant off
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