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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Hal and Sinestro working together are awesome. I'm still wondering though what the whole "Third Army" arc will bring. It's kind of hard to have a story that's setting up the Guardians as the bad guys, tying Abin Sur into it. I'm not sure where Johns is going with this, but I get the feeling that it's got to be big and something that drastically changes the status-quo.

One of my gripes after Blackest Night was that the Guardians were left untouched. I felt the same way, though slightly less so after "The Sinestro Corps War," but then they really only screwed up by thinking that Sinestro would attack Oa, and then we found out that Sinestro manipulated them into the laws about killing their enemies, were introduced to the Alpha Lanterns (which uses Manhunter technology). Then they outlawed relationships within the Corps and finally, they were set-up by Scar. "The New Guardian" really made me think that Hal was going to find a way to replace the Guardians with the leaders of the other corps, but that never happened either.
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