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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

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You could become a rich man if you came up with a cheap/efficient way to crack water into hydrogen and oxygen.
Exactly, the currently catalytic cracking method is extremely ineffecient and very costly to produce a pittance of fuel. Yet similar "news" outlets to the ones RAMA is posting from where banging on about cheap, clean fuel cells within a few years.

Still waiting.
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Fusion does have merits and a large fuel supply from the oceans should we ever get it sustainable, I feel we should at least keep reseaching it.

But yes, practical methods using technology we have now should get the priority, hydroelectric has quite a good yield and a good track record.

I still think windfarms are a dead end, the vastness of the farms and the resources/energy/man hours just are not repaid from what little energy they produce so far.
In fact, there are countries heading towards eliminating nuclear power for wind power altogether.

Obviously, some teething problems:

Fusion: Again, third time I've posted this: ITER and DEMO
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