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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I skipped on Resurrection Man due to the cancellation, even though I've bought the previous 9 issues. I've liked it, but haven't loved it, so I figured it was time to bail.

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Green Lantern #10: The best part of this issue is the Black Hand part. If Nekron is gone, though, who is sending him a black ring?
I thought the end of this issue would have been talked about more. I guess Blackest Night and the multiple corps really ran people off of the book. Anyway, Blackest Night began when Black Hand died and the black ring found him. Of course, that was because of Scar, who was able to generate black rings. I figure Nekron is unable to be totally destroyed. Death still exists, so some aspect of Death does as well, and Paul Cornell's run on Action Comics showed up that Death of the Endless was not involved. I wonder if Nekron is back or if there is a new avatar of Death.

I've stuck with Green Lantern all along, and think that the New-52 issues have shown a vast improvement over the post-Blackest Night issues, which were okay (I'm currently re-reading them, and they're not bad, but they are just lacking). This arc, and especially this issue is the best issue of Green Lantern in a long time, in my opinion.
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