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Re: Tom Paris - awesome or vastly underused?

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First Officer? It's a frakking miracle he didn't make it to Captain in that episode.

He was also the first officer in Resolutions, but Kes acted more like she was the First Officer, since it was the XO's job to tell harry to Shut the Frakk up about his suicide kick to offer his kidneys to the Vidiian for the Wiff of chance that Kathryn will continue to under appreciate him..
Kes was the one who sold Tuvok on Kim's idea, or at least gave him a more comfortable out. But this episode doesn't take Tom seriously at all as a leader, which seems right to me. Most people love Paris it seems but he always came across to me as fundamentally weak.
I badly expressed half of what I was thinking as usual.

Crew does not approach the Captain Directly.

Subordinates tell their superiors facts/information/suggestions, who pass it on to their superiors if it seems worth their time, who passes it on to the XO if it seems worth his time, who passes it on to the Captain if it seems worth his time.

What I should have said is that the XO (Tom?) should have told Kim to shut the fuck up, and then if Kim's idea isn't full of pooh that's going to get them all killed, it's the XO who should appraoch the Captain with the idea to get butchered by the Vidiians.

Kim jumped queue and said FU to the chain of command.

It's no wonder no one wanted to promote him if he kept pissing on his immediate superiors to brownnose the Captain.

Kes took a shitty idea and made it significanty less suisidal.

She always nearly seduced Tuvok. Another 40 seconds and he would have had her pants off if she had asked... Kim just RANTED and RANTED treating everyone like an idiot who disagreed with him...


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