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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

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Well I see your point about the panel weirdness. It would appear that it is out of sequence, which was unfortunate.
If I was Miller I'd be out for blood. That was a glitch that hurt the overall impact of the issue, which on the whole I liked a lot.

Hank's wife blaming Superman for his condition is not what I expected, but the seeds are indeed being sown for us to see Cyborg Superman later in the season. I'm curious to see how Miller approaches this without tying it into to Green Lantern at all.
Part of me wonders if this isn't misdirection on Miller's part. Setting us up to expect Hank to be the Cyborg and then somehow it ends up being his wife. Probably won't happen that way but wouldn't it be a trip? Also I don't see why Green Lantern would need to be brought into this at all. I know that he became a big player over in the GL books but he was a Superman villain first.

I wonder if they're going to go with a "The Batman" approach with Bruce and the Justice League in this? We're slowly introduced to Bruce Wayne and Batman, he and Clark meet and maybe fight, reach an understanding after discovering a common enemy, then Bruce is gradually brought into the fold?
Sounds like the classic Marvel comics team up approach. Meet, fight, reconcile in a battle with the real bad guy. Naturally I'd love to see Clark and Bruce fight. But even more than that... I want to see Bruce and Ollie fight.

I like Green Arrow in general and I love the Smallville version of GA but I've always felt that the Justin Hartley GA is a guy who constantly needs constant knocking down in order to keep his feet on the ground.

Who better than Batman to deliver that knockdown?

I only state that after the Watchtower on the moon line by Ollie. You can see a lot of influences this season which is great.
True but what I really want to know is where the hell that Queen Industries spaceship comes from? It from some black ops subsection of the company that Ollie's been kept in the dark about? A Lexcorp fake? Or is it from the future? That's an interesting little mystery we've got here. I can't wait to see where Miller goes with it.

Finally...the long awaited confrontation between Lex and Superman. I think this would have been written and shown a little tweaked on screen, but it was no less impactfull and Lex's manipulations are well done indeed. The call me Lex line was unusual. I don't remember seeing a version of Lex that would allow Superman to be so formal around him.
I want more of this. The Lex/Superman pissing contests were always my favorite part of John Byrne's run as well as the best part of Superman:TAS and the first season of Lois & Clark. The Smallville confrontations have the potential to be the best of all thanks to the history between the two adversaries.

Just a little theory regarding the Tess visions, as well as being a form of his conscience, I'm wondering if they're not there to "block" his knowledge of Clark? We know the mind wiping sequence was done specifically to wipe out that particular memory on the show...but I'm wondering if that isn't why Tess is there. She serves a two fold purpose, to serve as his Jiminy Cricket, and to block those memories of Clark's secret. Once again Tess is protecting Clark
I've never considered this angle before and I have to say... Me loves it! I hope you're right. This memory block probably isn't going to last forever. I can't wait to see what happens when it's finally been removed and Lex is left to face his long, complicated past life with Superman.
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